Beavers Host Western Invitational

Beavers Host Western Invitational

PASADENA, CA -- On Saturday afternoon the Caltech Fencing team hosted the 2013 Western Invitational at the Brown Gym.

The NCAA event featured teams from Northwestern, Stanford, UC San Diego and Air Force.

Complete Results (PDF Format)
Men's Competition
Women's Competition

Stan Schor posted a epee win over nationally ranked Stanford. The junior won the bout 5-1 over Paul Rivere. Eugene Vinitsky also posted a win over the Cardinals with a 5-1 foil victory over Sam Hansen.

Vinitsky posted an undefeated run during his foil bouts against Florida. He tallied victories by scores of 5-4, 5-2 and 5-0 during his perfect bouts in that weapon.

During the women's meet Catherine Pavlov and Ingrid Fielder each posted wins over the Cardinals during the epee competition.  The same duo also had nice bouts against Florida as Pavlov won two and Fielder also had a victory.

Katie Fisher won two of her three bouts during the foil competition against Florida.

Caltech Men's Results

UCSD 25, Caltech 3 (Sabre 8-1, Foil 9-0, Epee 7-2)
Air Force 26, Caltech 1 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 8-1, Epee 9-0)
Florida 22, Caltech 5 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 6-3, Epee 7-2)
Stanford 26, Caltech 2 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 8-1, Epee 8-1)

Caltech Women's Results

Air Force 24, Caltech 3 (Sabre 8-1, Foil 8-1, Epee 8-1)
Stanford 25, Caltech 2 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 9-0, Epee 7-2)
Florida 21, Caltech 6 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 6-3, Epee 6-3)
UCSD 25, Caltech 2 (Sabre 8-1, Foil 9-0, Epee 8-1)
Northwestern 25, Caltech 2 (Sabre 8-1, Foil 9-0, Epee 8-1)

Photo Gallery

Caltech Fencer Video -- Catherine Pavlov (Epee) v. Florida, Ingrid Fielder (Eppe) v. Florida, Katie Fisher (Foil) vs. UCSD, Eugene Vinitsky (Foil) v. Stanford, John Christiansen (Epee) v. Stanford