Beavers Travel to San Diego for Quad Meet

Beavers Travel to San Diego for Quad Meet

SAN DIEGO, CA – The Caltech fencing team traveled to UC San Diego for a quad meet on Saturday afternoon.

Along with the host Tritons, the Beavers faced-off against UC Irvine and Arizona State.

Complete Results

"Having fenced these teams earlier in the year, we had a much stronger showing this time. We completely trounced UCI and posted a number of wins against Arizona and UCSD," Stan Schor said. "On the men's epee squad, we've really made a lot of progress in terms of fencing as a team: taking notes about every opponent, carefully analyzing each of our teammates' bouts, and utilizing time-outs to talk strategy. I definitely think that effort is showing."

The Beavers most successful bouts came against UC Irvine. The Beavers grabbed team wins in both men's and women's competition. Jon Schor won all three of his bouts in saber to help set the tone for the team win. Similarly during the foil dual, Eugene Vinitsky swept through his three bouts. Another veteran Beaver fencer, Stan Schor, posted a perfect result in his three epee bouts.

During the women's competition against the Anteaters, Katie Fisher and Becky Tang each won two bouts in foil. The team win was secured as Ingrid Fielder won all three in epee while Catherine Pavlov took two of three.

In a well competed dual against Arizona State the Beavers posted a handful of individual wins against the Sun Devils. Jon Schor grabbed three wins during saber as the Beavers lost a tightly contest team saber event. The trio of Stan Schor, Taylor Strumwasser and John Christian each grabbed one win in epee.

Fisher and Tang had nice foil bouts during the women's meet against the Sun Devils. Fisher swept her three bouts while Tang won two.

"I think we did really well yesterday!  We were up against some challenging teams and some teams right around our level, and I think we stepped up to the challenge at every occasion.  Women's foil beat ASU and tied UCI, which was a great validation of how far we've come.  My teammate Becky has really shown improvement since the beginning of the year; your first few meets are always tough because you don't know quite what to expect, but she's won some challenging bouts and really pushed herself to do well," Fisher said. 

While the Beavers struggled against UC San Diego they were able to bring home some individual wins in epee. Stan Schor and John Christian each won a bout in while Pavlov won a bout in the women's dual.

Next up for the Beavers is a trip to Evanston, IL for the Northwestern Duals in this weekend.

"The results from this meet really just helped underscore our excitement to get out there to Northwestern, where we'll have a much wider and more diverse field of competitors. We've been training hard and we're ready to rack up more wins for Caltech," Stan Schor said.

Fisher added, "Overall, I think we're hitting our peak as the season picks up.  We've all learned a lot of new things and are eager to put them into action.  Northwestern, our toughest tournament of the season, is next week, but I have no doubt that we're ready."

Women Caltech Results
UC San Diego 26, Caltech 1 (Saber 9-0, Foil 9-0, Epee 8-1)
Caltech 16, UC Irvine 7 (Saber 6-0, Foil 4-4, Epee 6-3)
Arizona State 19, Caltech 6 (Saber 6-2, Foil 5-3, Epee 8-1)

Men Caltech Results
UC San Diego 25, Caltech 2 (Saber 9-0, Foil 9-0, Epee 7-2)
Caltech 21, UC Irvine 6 (Saber 7-2, Foil 7-2, Epee 7-2)
Arizona State 19, Caltech 8 (Saber 5-4, Foil 8-1, Epee 6-3)