Information on Caltech Aquatics

The Aquatics Program offers a variety of programs and aquatic opportunities for all levels of experience.  With recreational lap swim times available throughout the day and courses ranging from Introduction to Swimming Basics up through Efficient Freestyle we have a course for everyone. For pool information please contact Heather Morgan.

Supervision of Minors Policy


Pool Rules      

Swim Test 

Inclement Weather Policy
Spa Use During Hot Weather Policy


Braun Pool

  • 25 yard pool
  • 3m diving (available for P.E. and Intercollegiate Athletics)

Alumni Pool

  • 8 Lane 25 yard pool
  • Shallow water area instructional area (3 1/2, 4 Feet)
  • 1m diving
  • ADA Lift and Stair Available

Adult Programming:

Water Aerobics (Spring and Summer Terms)

See current Pool Schedule for the offerings offered at this time