California Institute of Technology
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

Official Mission Statement


To increase visibility of intercollegiate athletics to the greater Caltech community as well as encourage community support in athletics. Also to promote communication between the varsity sport teams and athletic administration.


1. Meetings once a month or as needed with SAAC reps and Advisor. Athletic department administrators may attend.
2. Promote one athletic event for each sport.
3. The Caltech SAAC officers will represent Caltech at the conference level   
4. Organize and carry out at least one community service project per term involving Caltech athletes in general or members of the SAAC
5. Elect chair or co-chairs, vice-chair, and secretary.
Coaches who have graduating senior SAAC reps need to submit the names of their new representatives to the SAAC Liaison at the end of the academic year.

Athletic Department Liaison: Betsy Mitchell, Director of Athletics