Decker Has Incredible Event; Women Beat FSU, Stanford and Air Force

Decker Has Incredible Event; Women Beat FSU, Stanford and Air Force

Laura Decker has had another incredible result. This time it was not at a collegiate event but at an Olympic Qualifying event!

She came in 19th out of a powerful field of 112 comprised of National Team members from Mexico, Canada, Bulgaria, Australia, Great Britain, Panama, Chile, and of course, the US.

She had a great first round winning five bouts, including a 5-2 victory against Penn State's Monika Aksamit ranked fifth in the US. After the first round she was seeded 18 going into the Direct Elimination. She had a bye into the 64 and won a close bout (15-14) against Lisa Verzino of NYC.

"The bout wasn't really as close as the score showed. Laura dominated most of the bout but I think got a little nervous towards the end. She knew this victory would put her on the U.S. Points list and she got a bit anxious. But she settled down and did her job," fourth year head coach Michael D'Asaro said.

Her next bout was a 15-11 loss to Laura Hunter-Thompson from Great Britain.

"She definitely could've and should've won that bout as well and made the top 16. But Hunter-Thompson fenced well and has a few years experience. I'm sure the next time, the score will be much different" D'Asaro said. "I'm very proud of her result and expect much more of the same."

"I still find it hard to believe that she came from my Caltech beginning class two years ago", D'Asaro added.

This tournament came a week after a long weekend at UCSD where her and team mates Vanessa Burns and freshman Marissa Barrientos beat woman's sabre teams from Florida State, Stanford and Air Force.

Next up for the Caltech Fencing team, Mega Duel Meet at Northwestern Feb. 5-6.