Fencers Begin 2012 Against Tough Competition

Fencers Begin 2012 Against Tough Competition

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. -- The Caltech fencing squad began the 2012 campaign in grand style by going against several NCAA Division I opponents.

The Air Force Academy was host to the 2012 Western Invitational today, which included the fencing teams from University of Florida, Caltech, UC San Diego, Stanford, Swarthmore College, Notre Dame (men) and Northwestern (women).

Scores from the event --

Round 1: AF vs. UF: Men 22-5 Women 15-12; Caltech vs. UCSD: Men 2-25 Women 1-17; Stanford vs. Swarthmore: Men 25-2 Women 22-5; AF vs. UCSD: Men 18-9 Women 11-16

Round 2: Caltech vs. ND/NW: Men (ND) 1-26 Women (NW) 0-18; Stanford vs. UF: Men 23-4 Women 21-6

Round 3: Swarthmore vs. AF: Men 3-24 Women 8-19 ; ND/NW vs. UCSD: Men 23-4 Women 24-3; Stanford vs. Caltech: Men 27-0 Women 18-0

Round 4: Stanford vs. AF: Men 11-16 Women 18-9; UF vs. Caltech: Men 22-5 Women 17-1; ND/NW vs. Swarthmore Men 27-0 Women 27-0

Round 5: ND/NW vs. AF: Men 18-9 Women 25-2; UF vs. Swarthmore: Men 19-8 Women 19-8; UCSD vs. Stanford: Men 13-14 Women 9-18

Round 6: AF - Bye; UCSD vs. UF: Men 20-7 Women 14-13; Swarthmore vs. Caltech: Men 19-8 Women 13-5; Stanford vs. ND/NW: Men 9-18 Women 2-25

Round 7: AF vs Caltech: Men 25-2 Women 16-2; Florida vs ND/NW: Men 0-27 Women 2-25; UCSD vs. Swarthmore: Men 23-4 Women 24-3

While the Beavers weren't able to win a team competition several individuals posted wins in their respective weapons. Stan Schor posted four wins in epee while his brother Jonathan Schor won four bouts in sabre to lead the men's squad.

Tae Je "Terry" Lee won three bouts in the epee competition with Joe Grief and John Christian winning a pair of bouts in the sabre and epee respectively.

Mackenzie Day had a solid event with five wins in sabre. Rachel Deghuee and Huey-Ru "Debra" Tsai each won two bouts in the sabre and foil respectively.