Six Fencers Compete at NCAA Regionals

Six Fencers Compete at NCAA Regionals

PALO ALTO, Calif. -- On Saturday afternoon six members of the Caltech fencing squad competed the at the NCAA West Regional.

The one-day event featured Stanford, University of California San Diego, Air Force and Caltech.

Caltech's NCAA Western Regional Participants

Jonathan Schor (Sabre)
Stan Schor (Epee)
Harrison Miller (Sabre)
John Christian (Epee)
Ingrid Fiedler (Epee)
Katie Fisher (Foil)

It was the second straight year that Stan Schor competed in the event. The sophomore had a team best four individual wins against the epee field. 

The other five competitors were experiencing their first NCAA Regional event. The top two competitors in each event qualify for the NCAA Championships in two weeks.

Stanford won five of the six events as they qualified eight different fencers for the championships.