Fencers Compete Among Nation's Best

Fencers Compete Among Nation's Best

EVANSTON, IL – On Saturday and Sunday the Caltech fencing teams made their annual trip to the Northwestern Invitational.

The invitational featured four teams ranked (#1 Princeton, #3 Notre Dame, #7 Northwestern, #8 Temple) in the most recent national poll.

Both the men's and women's team each won a bout as the men topped Detroit 16-11 while the women knocked off Cleveland State 14-13.

Aside from the overall team wins against Detroit and Cleveland State, several of the weapons won their respective head-to-head bouts.

Complete Men's Results (PDF)

Complete Women's Results (PDF)

The women's epee team got three wins during the weekend as they knocked off Fairleigh Dickinson, UNC, and Cleveland State.  Ingrid Fiedler, Christina Meyer and Connie Robinson  also posted at least one win en route to the 6-3 win over Fairleigh Dickinson. The trio also banded together in a 5-4 win over the Tar Heels. Heading into the final head-to-head dual it was 4-4 then Meyer recorded a 5-3 win to give the team weapon win to the Beavers. They blitzed Cleveland 9-0 in providing a big boost to the overall team win.

Shi En Kim, Bella Guo, and Sonia Kim teamed up to post a 5-4 sabre win over Lawrence. The final team weapon win for the Beavers came when the foil squad beat Wright State 5-4. Fisher, Stephanie Moon and Emila Hernandez each had at least one win while Hernandez's win in her final bout proved to be the deciding point.

The men's foil tandem of Matthew Jin, Anup Kishore and Eugene Vinitsky posted a 6-3 win over Lawrence. Jin won all three of his matches while Vinitsky won twice while Kishore added a win as well.

On March 8 the Beavers will host UC San Diego, Stanford and Air Force at the NCAA West Regional. The qualifying participates are required to garner a set number of NCAA wins in their respective weapons to compete in the event. A complete list of entrants will be set in the coming weeks.

Caltech Team Results


Foil Team Wins: Lawrence
Epee Team Wins: Detroit

Princeton 27, Caltech 0 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 9-0, Epee 9-0)
Duke 23, Caltech 4 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 7-2, Epee 7-2)
Notre Dame 26, Caltech 1 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 8-1, Epee 9-0)
UNC 24, Caltech 3 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 6-3, Epee 9-0)
Lawrence 16, Caltech 11 (Sabre 7-2, Foil 3-6, Epee 6-3)
Caltech 16, Detroit 11 (Sabre 4-5, Foil 4-5, Epee 8-1)
Northwestern 19, Caltech 8 (Sabre 6-3, Foil 6-3, Epee 7-2)
Cleveland State 18, Caltech 9 (Sabre 5-4, Foil 5-4, Epee 8-1)


Sabre Team Wins: Lawrence
Foil Team Wins: Wayne State
Epee Team Wins: Fairleigh Dickinson, UNC, Cleveland State

Fairleigh Dickinson 18, Caltech 9 (Sabre 7-2, Foil 8-1, Epee 3-6)
UNC 18, Caltech 9 (Sabre 8-1, Foil 6-3, Epee 4-5)
Lawrence 17, Caltech 10 (Sabre 4-5, Foil 8-1, Epee 5-4)
Wayne State 15, Caltech 12 (Sabre 6-3, Foil 4-5, Epee 5-4)
Northwestern 26, Caltech 1 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 8-1, Epee 9-0)
Caltech 14, Cleveland State 13 (Sabre 2-7, Foil 3-6, Epee 9-0)
Temple 26, Caltech 1 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 9-0, Epee 8-1)
Duke 23, Caltech 4 (Sabre 6-3, Foil 9-0, Epee 8-1)
Princeton 26, Caltech 1 (Sabre 9-0, Foil 8-1, Epee 9-0)
Tufts 20, Caltech 7 (Sabre 7-2, Foil 5-4, Epee 8-1)