Media Coverage of Streak Busting Win

Media Coverage of Streak Busting Win

PASADENA, Calif. – Ending the 310 game conference losing streak was only part of the story. Over the past 48 hours the Caltech basketball team has participated in numerous interviews and TV appearances.

Press Coverage Photo Gallery

Caltech Today Press Recap - A (Free Throw) Shot Heard Round the World

Please feel free to view video, stories and pictures from this historic win:

Caltech and the Harlem Globetrotters

Photo Gallery -


Coach Eslinger Pregame Talk with Washington Generals

Pregame Introduction of Coach Eslinger

Caltech Players Lead Y-M-C-A at Half Court

March 21 - Frontiersman (Collin Murphy's Hometown Newspaper)

March 1 - ESPN's Rick Reilly Weekly Column

Feb. 28 - Pioneer Press (Q&A with Elmquist Hometown Newspaper)

Feb. 25 - Huffington Post - Caltech vs. Vince Lombardi

Feb. 23 - Albany Times Union (Eslinger's hometown newspaper)

Feb. 23 - LA Times

Front Page (PDF),0,4852062.column 

Feb. 23 - CBS – With commentary from Katie Couric;photovideo

Feb. 23 -  CBS – Interview with Jim Hill - includes on-air interview with Coach Oliver Eslinger

Feb. 23 - KCAL 9 News – Interview with Ryan Elmquist and Todd Cramer

Feb. 23 - NBC Nightly News

Feb. 23 - KNBC 

Feb. 23 - U.K. Daily Mail

Feb. 23 - ESPN

Feb. 23 - CBS Sports

Feb. 22
FOX 11 News – Television news coverage of Tuesday night's win over Occidental College.  The story also ran in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Pasadena Star News, USA Today,  Huffington Post, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer, MSNBC, YAHOO! News, NBC Sports, NPR, Bloomberg, Sports Illustrated, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Times, Washington Examiner, Forbes, ESPN Los Angeles, The Chronicle of Higher Education, and numerous local newspapers and TV stations across the nation.

Feb. 22
LA Times – A photo gallery of Caltech's winning game over Occidental College on Tuesday night,0,6958710.photogallery

Press Conference Raw Video


Some Light Q&A with Coach Eslinger and Players

Elmqust Gets Interview by LA Times

Caltech Players Visit KCAL Studios for Lakers Pregame Video

Coach Eslinger with James Worthy, Jim Hill

Players Shoot Around Outside Studios

KCAL Interview with Mike Paluchniak

KCAL Interview Collin Murphy

Midnight Madness a Success
October 16, 2010 Midnight Madness a Success