Caltech Concedes Early, Loses to Emrby-Riddle

Caltech Concedes Early, Loses to Emrby-Riddle

PASADENA, CA  -  Caltech let in two goals in the first ten minutes by Nick Uzunyan as Embry-Riddle scored five goals in the first half on their way to an 8-1 win.   


Both of Uzunyan's goals came on corner kicks, the first of which was a short corner to Thiago Xavier who turned and fired the ball across the goal, Uzunyan got on the end and knocked it in the net in the 4th minute. 


Uzunyan scored again in the 9th minute on a corner kick from Isaac Sanchez.  Uzunyan floated to the back post and knocked in the shot with his left foot.  


Caltech pulled back a goal in the 24th minute when Alan Menezes got on the end of an Alec Sands cross.  Sands had two crosses on the play, the first one to Kunmi Jeje, but Jeje missed the opportunity and then Teo Wilkening fired a shot which was blocked out to Sands.  Sands sent the cross to the back post where Menezes was able to head it in the back of the net. 


Isaac Sanchez became the goalscorer in the 25th minute after he earned a penalty kick while dancing down the endline on the left side.  He was fouled in the box and awarded a penalty kick which he converted by sending Wesley Swank the wrong direction and putting the ball to the Goalkeeper's right. 


The Beavers had another opportunity as Thomas Kwok fired in a cross from the left flank.  The Eagles' goalkeeper Alex Elvidge got a hand on it, but the ball fell to Wilkening.  Wilkening tried to flick the ball past Elvidge but Elvidge was able to fall on the ball preventing Caltech's second goal.


Fabio Pena scored two goals in the 39th and 41st minutes.   Pena scored his first after a cross from Isaac Sanchez, and scored his second when he got behind the defense on a ball from Thiago Xavier.  Pena shot across the goal and converted into the side netting. 


Chace Carlson entered the game in the second half and added two goals.  The first was off a free kick that was taken near the corner flag.  Esmail Golshan played a curving left inswerving ball that Carlson was able to knock in the net in the 75th minute.  He added another in the 82nd minute off a corner kick from Tristan Korras which he headed into the net. 


Golshan completed the scoring when he took a free kick with 14 seconds left in the game.  Golshan took the kick 19 yards from goal straight in the center.  He curled it around the wall and into the net. 


Caltech will close their season on November 1st by hosting SOKA at 3:00 PM.