Beavers Play Third Straight Match Against Nation's Best

Beavers Play Third Straight Match Against Nation's Best

PASADENA, Calif. -- Playing their third straight nationally ranked opponent the Caltech men's tennis team dropped a 9-0 decision to Whittier on Saturday afternoon.

The Beavers got a soild effort out of Devashish Joshi at the No. 1 singles slot. The sophomore fought back after droppnig the first set by claiming a 6-2 win the second set. However, Joshi coudn't quite complete the comeback in falling 10-3 in the super tiebreaker.

The 20th ranked Poets took the remaining singles matches in straight sets.

Whittier swept the doubles by dropping just five games.

Tennis Match Results
Whittier College vs Caltech
4/7/2012 at Pasadena, CA
(Braun Tennis Ctr.)
#20 Whittier College 9, Caltech 0

1. Chris Schommer (WC) def. Devashish Joshi (CALTECH) 6-0, 2-6, 10-3
2. Matthew Herron (WC) def. Luka Mernik (CALTECH) 6-0, 6-2
3. Shogo Shimizu (WC) def. Anish Agarwal (CALTECH) 6-1, 6-0
4. Jonathan Pollare (WC) def. Jeff Shen (CALTECH) 6-1, 6-2
5. Taylor Dimler (WC) def. Fred Zhao (CALTECH) 6-0, 6-0
6. David De Leon (WC) def. John Chen (CALTECH) 7-5, 6-0

1. Julian Seneviratne/Patricio Carregha (WC) def. Devashish Joshi/Luka Mernik (CALTECH) 8-3
2. Chris Schommer/Andrew Hansen (WC) def. Anish Agarwal/Alex Runkel (CALTECH) 8-2
3. Taylor Dimler/Jonathan Pollare (WC) def. Amol Kamat/Fred Zhao (CALTECH) 8-0

Match Notes:
Whittier College 11-7, 2-2; National ranking #20; Regional ranking #7
Caltech 0-10, 0-3
Official: Lucia Calinog T-2:37 A-29