October 2012 Aquatics Alumni Update

Caltech Swimming Newsletter

Alumni Game (squared)

The first Caltech Alumni vs. Caltech Alumni game was played to a standing room crowd Saturday 23rd.   The Gold team (dark) was lead by Tom Oliver (4 goals) and the white team was headed up by Assistant Polo Coach Grant Hollis (5 goals).  The game was a high scoring affair that ended 20 – 18 gold team.  The goal of the game came from Paul Graven at the set position.  With two players guarding “the Grave Man”, he wheeled around to find goalie Paul “the wall” Wali also coming up to take the angle away.  Graven then wheeled to the other side, but by now only the ball and Graven’s hand was out of the water.  “Shoot” a teammate yelled (isn’t he under water?) and he did and the ball passed everyone and sealed the gold team win.

Ashley Grant (’07) is all done with school and is currently looking for a job.  Dr. Ashley Grant was looking at some wild viruses on her way to a doctorate from University of Texas down in Galveston, TX, home to one of the United States’ three P3 virus labs.  If you need to find out more about etymology, Ashley has the answer.  Currently she is going to finish a book on how to fund your child’s college.  (Please Hurry!!)

Getting Engaged
Caltech swimmer Heather Dean and Eric Dickerson ’93 are getting married.  Congratulations to the lucky Techers.  The ceremony will be sometime in January.  Heather has been the president of the Caltech Alumni Association for a number of years and everyone is excited and happy for the lovely couple.

Space News
The Space Shuttle has been all over Los Angeles.  It first circled Caltech and JPL before landing at LAX and has just finished taking a 12 mile, 2 ½ day trip through the streets of LA (bad traffic) to the California Science Center.  
Space X did it again.  Delivering the Dragon Space Capsule to the Space Station and overcoming a drop out in power on one of their first stage rockets.  (They do have a lot of rockets on their first stage).  Congrats Yuki Takahashi (’10) and his team.

Polo News
Having already won four water polo games this 2012 season, the team had high hopes of getting their fifth victory. Caltech stumbled Sunday losing a hard fought match to Connecticut College 9 – 14.  Caltech won last year’s game 10 – 9, but this year Connecticut upped their game with some big recruits and a better game plan. The Beavers finished the game by scoring four of the last six goals but it wasn't enough.  Jack Blackwood put together his sixth hat trick of the season with a four-goal effort to pace the Beavers offense.  Jim Blackwood had a two-goal morning to help the Caltech offense.

Do Not Forget -  you can watch all the Caltech Home Water Polo Matches on the website!! 
(if Emma Dodd can critique the game from Rhode Island, you can too)   

October 20    La Verne    11:00 a.m.
October 27    Pomona Pitzer    7:00 p.m.
October 31    Redlands    7:00 p.m.

All Times are Pacific Time Zone