21 Ann Chen
21 - Ann Chen
Height: 5'6"
Year: FY
Hometown: Thousand Oaks, CA
High School: Westlake
Position: G

High School:

Member of the basketball and volleyball teams in high school...Scoholar athlete...Named to the All-Academic 2nd team in Ventura County for basketball...Named to the Westlake Inivitational All-Tournament team...Averaged 12 points per game as a guard on the basketball team...She was a Libero for the volleyball team


Undeclared major...Lists her activities as basketball, volleyball, sleeping, snowboarding, and playing the piano...Her best athletic achievement was upsetting the number one seeded team in my high school league on senior night...Her favorite team is the Los Angeles Clippers and her favorite athlete is Kevin Durant...Played for Triple Threat Basketball in Woodland Hills, CA...Her biggest influences have been her family and friends...Daughter of Huann Mei and Yuhfeng...Has an older brother named David

Getting to Know ...

Something about you most people would be surprised to discover?

I write left-handed, but I am right-handed for everything else.

Do you sing in the shower and if so what do you usually sing?

I don’t sing in the shower because people can still hear me and I prefer singing along to music, but I do sing alone in the car with my iPod plugged in.

Describe yourself as a seven year old.

I was the type of kid who could not stay off the swings and jungle gym during recess.

What scary creatures did you think were in your bedroom as a child?

Scary creatures could not exist in my room because I believed my stuffed animals protected me and kept them out.

What was the chore you hated doing and you loved doing as a child?

I hated taking out the trash because I was afraid of the dark, but I loved washing the cars because I would play with the hose, get soaked, and go swimming afterwards.

If you could order the perfect birthday party this year, what would you want the theme to be?

Cats. Any of my friends can answer this question for me because they all know I am a crazy cat lady.

Why do you love math and science?

I love math and science because there is still so much to discover in both of these fields. There are so many unknowns and countless discoveries to be made about our world and those beyond it.

I knew I loved sports when...I wore basketball shirts and shorts more than I wore normal clothing.

If you could choose, a past decade would you have liked to grow up in?

1960’s because that’s when the space race took place and I would have loved to be part of the excitement that swept the nation.

The most difficult thing in life is learning from your mistakes.

What family member do you take after most and what trait do you share?

My mom. We both tend to drive my dad crazy with our antics, but we also always give 100% in whatever we do. My mom and I are both hard workers, and I get my love of cats from her.

What is your contribution to your family? I am the cat-lover (actually, we all are).

What is the most outrageous thing you would do for $1,000?

I would do basically anything as long as there are no permanent effects and it does not involve eating something alive.

What would you like to learn about your family history?

I would like to know how the millions of Chen’s in the world are related.

What is the one family value you believe in the most?

Support: I believe that no matter what happens throughout life, family will always be there for help and guidance.

What do you admire most about your parents?

I admire the strength and willpower they have. They taught me to never settle for anything less than my best.  

What trait does your sibling have that you wish you had?

My older brother is always very calm and collected. Nothing fazes him and I wish I could have his composure when I am in a stressful situation.

What is the thing your teammates will love about you?

I tend to be a very happy person. I like happy thoughts.

How would you describe your game on the court?

I play very instinctively. If I see an opening on offense, I will take it and I do not think too much about each move. I already know what I have to accomplish on the court, so I just do it.
Define “Excellence” in your own words

The ability to exceed everyone’s expectations, but more importantly, your own.