24 Grace Leishman
24 - Grace Leishman
Height: 6'0"
Year: FY
Hometown: Rye, NY
High School: Rye HS
Position: F

High School:

Member of the soccer and basketball teams in high school...Her soccer team was the league, section, region, and state champions during 2008 and her 2009 team was the league and section champions...Her basketball team was the 2011 league champions...Named to the All-Academic Team for Section I in New York...Captain of her high school basketball team


Undecided major...Lists her hobbies as basketball, double bass, hiking, and running...Her favorite team is the New York Yankees...She played for the Lady Knicks AAU team...Her biggest influence was her AP Calculus teacher Mr. Valinoti...Her most exciting research project was while interning at NYU with professor Marco Arellaneda...Daughter of Valerie and Scott...Has two siblings named Sarah and Alec

Getting to Know ...

1.    Something about you most people would be surprised to discover?
I went to circus camp for 8 years as a kid.
2.    Do you sing in the shower and if so what do you usually sing?
Sometimes. It’s usually something upbeat by The Beach Boys or Sublime.
3.    What was the chore you hated doing and you loved doing as a child?
I hated mowing the lawn, until my dad started paying me. I can’t say there were any I loved.
4.    If you could order the perfect birthday party this year, what would you want the theme to be?
Finding Nemo!!
5.    Why do you love math and science?
They’re all about solving real world problems.
6.    I knew I loved sports when… I walked out to see the plush, green field at Yankee Stadium. The feeling I got is indescribable.
7.    If you could choose, a past decade would you have liked to grow up in and what is it about that decade that made you choose it?
I would have loved to grow up in the 1960s. I wish I could’ve been part of the women’s rights movement, as well as the civil rights movement. They also had great music and style back then.
8.    The most difficult thing in life is learning…How to forgive.
9.    What family member do you take after most and what trait do you share?
I suppose I most take after my mom. She strongly believes that women are equally, if not more, capable of men, and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes. Both are traits I emulate.
10.     What was the social event you really didn’t want to go to but went anyway and had a great time?  I wasn’t too psyched for senior prom, but I ended up having a lot of fun dancing with all of my friends.
11.    What people would you want to be stuck in a life boat with and why?
My AAU basketball team. They’re the funniest people I know.
12.    What is the most self-less thing you have ever done for someone?
I spent two summers teaching underprivileged kids math and reading.
13.    What is the one family value you believe in the most?
Family will always be there when you need it.
14.     What do you admire most about your parents?
They support my every venture, no matter whether or not they agree.
15.    What trait does your sibling have that you wish you had and why?
My sister has an incredible memory. She can recall details and dates easily. I, on the other hand, am quite forgetful.
16.    What is something your teammates will love about you?  I think my team will enjoy my sense of humor. Sports should be fun!
17.      One goal you hope to achieve this season?
Many double doubles. I’ll strive for one each game.
18.    Define “Excellence” in your own words - Excellence is achieving beyond what is deemed possible.